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What is “Bricking” in Cyber Security?

Bricking is one of the latest tactics used by cybercriminals to cripple a company, preventing its normal daily operation and causing horrendous problems for business owners and their clients. Read this guide to learn more about bricking, including how to prevent it and why cyber insurance coverage is so critical for your organisation. What is…

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How to Create a Cyber Incident Response Plan

Modern businesses increasingly rely on technology, and cybercrime has become a major concern for organisations small and large, and across all industry sectors. For that reason, having a Cyber Incident Response Plan in place is now crucial to mitigating the impact of a cyber-attack.  This comprehensive guide explains the steps necessary to create a plan…

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How to Prevent Social Engineering Attacks

Social engineering attacks involve cybercriminals tricking people into disclosing sensitive information, granting access to computer networks, or performing actions that could compromise your business’s security. Rather than focussing on technical network vulnerabilities, these attacks exploit human psychology. Keep reading to learn how to prevent social engineering attacks from devastating your business. Common social engineering attack…

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Why Do Cyber Insurance Claims Get Rejected?

Nowadays, almost every successful business has an online presence of some kind, and that’s fuelling the increase in cybercrime. For that reason, most organisations of all sizes and across all sectors invest in cyber insurance to protect their business from cyber-attacks. As a consequence, cyber insurance can be expensive and complex for both the insurer…

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How to Reduce Cyber Insurance Premiums

In these times when pretty much every business, including startups and charities, has some kind of online presence, cyber insurance coverage is critical.  If cybercriminals hack your network and steal customer’s data, you could find yourself on the wrong end of a lawsuit that could potentially cripple your company financially. But insurance can be expensive….

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What Is Third-Party Cyber Insurance Cover?

In today’s digital world, almost all businesses have an online presence which can expose you to cyber-attacks and the activities of cybercriminals. Third-party cyber insurance coverage protects your business and associated third parties from financial losses from a cyber incident or attack affecting your operation. This guide explains what third-party cyber insurance means, what it…

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15 Ways to Improve your Business’s Cyber Security

Recent estimates report losses to UK businesses totalling over £3 billion due to cybercrime, and that figure is set to rise in the coming years. In some cases, companies never recover from the devastating effects of online criminal activity; but, you can do plenty of things to keep your business and third-party data safe. Read…

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First Party vs Third Party Cyber Insurance

In today’s increasingly online world, almost all businesses are in danger of becoming victims of cybercrime. In fact, if your organisation has a website, email address, social media presence, POS systems or an e-commerce store, you could be at risk of a cyber-attack. A cyber insurance policy is essential for your operation, enabling you to…

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