Proudly celebrating over 60 years supporting our customers with all the cover they need!

29th June 1962

Life and Home Services Ltd formed by John S Gorton

Where it all began, based at 61 Blackburn Street, Radcliffe.

17th December 1973

Mike Foxall joined as a Director

1st January 1974

Company moves to new premises

15th November 1979

Changed company name to Stanmore Insurance Brokers Ltd

Expanded to new premises – Stanmore House, 64/68 Blackburn Street, Radcliffe.

1st July 1983

David Beesley joined the company as a Director

Exciting times as the company starts to grow!

10th April 1984

David Beesley purchased shares and became co-owner with John S Gorton

18th July 1988

Jackie Hyde started working for the business

The start of a new era for Stanmore Insurance.

8th January 1996

Julie Simpson joined Stanmore

14th July 1997

Julie Moore joined Stanmore

April 1998

Stanmore moved to Tottington to share premises with Wyndale Insurance Brokers Ltd

July 1998

David Beesley became 100% owner of Stanmore Heading

1st April 1999

Jackie Hyde became a Director at Stanmore

30th November 2001

Jackie Hyde purchased shares in the business


Stanmore became part of the Broker Network Ltd

11th August 2003

Stanmore left Tottington & returned to Stanmore House

26th August 2003

Andrea Marland joined Stanmore

1st September 2003

dot2dot launched!

1st May 2004

Merged with Doherty Turner

Stanmore merged with Doherty Turner Insurance Brokers Ltd and acquired Royle Tyrer Insurance Brokers Ltd retaining the Stanmore name.

2nd August 2007

Joined Brokerbility Limited

September 2008

Stanmore acquired Beecroft Insurance Services Ltd

1st September 2008

Hayley Parker joined Stanmore

1st January 2009

Jenny Hyde joined Stanmore

22nd September 2011

Qualified to be a Chartered Insurance Broker

1st May 2011

Moved to our new home in Little Lever

29th June 2012

Our 50th Birthday!

21st February 2014

Ian Stutz joined the Board of Directors

26th August 2014

Helen Dixon joined Stanmore

11th December 2014

Craig Wilson joined Stanmore


Jackie Hyde Won Eva FS Business Woman of the Year!


Celebrating a record breaking year!

7th March 2016

Vicki Pritchard joined Stanmore

December 2016

Winners of BLGC Patron of the Year

6th March 2017

Jessica Woo joined Stanmore

December 2016

Melanie Smith joined Stanmore

December 2017

Named Insurance Times Magazine’s
Scheme Broker of the Year

More awards and celebrations!

2nd July 2018

Bronson Lever joined Stanmore

24th September 2018

Jo Richardson joined Stanmore

October 2019

Jackie Hyde wins Seed Bomb Award at
GOL Shining Star Awards 2019

November 2019

Jenny Hyde promoted to Associate Director

December 2019

1st time Stanmore headline sponsored the She Inspires Awards

23 March 2020

Andy Duxbury joined Stanmore

March 2020

National Insurance Awards
Schemes Broker of the Year

22 September 2020

Chris Park joined Stanmore

October 2020

Jackie announced as one of the insurance industry’s Women to Watch
by Business Insurance Magazine

December 2020

Engage Award Winner Best Use of Voice of the Customer

January 2021

Joined BWFC as Associate Partner

February 2021

Jackie Hyde named one of the insurance industry’s Elite Women – Insurance Business Magazine

1 June 2021

Linda Bartley joined Stanmore

24 August 2021

Danny Hoyles joined Stanmore

January 2022

Stanmore Supporting Girls Out Loud & Hollins Conservation Group

Stanmore supports two fantastic causes to secure funds from the Aviva Community fund. Girls Out Loud £10,000 and Hollins Conservation Group £2,500

March 2022

Stanmore Marketing Manager wins The WLA

Melanie Smith Stanmore Marketing Manager
wins The WLA (Women Leaders Association)
Shine Rising Star Award

March 2022

National Insurance Awards Schemes Broker of the Year

March 2022

Jackie Hyde named one of the insurance industry’s Elite Women – Insurance Business Magazine

June 2022

Stanmore named Commercial Insurance Broker of the Year at Manchester & North West Prestige Awards

June 2022

Our 60th Birthday!

17 January 2022

Danny Tuke joined Stanmore

17 January 2022

Iram Bi joined Stanmore

October 2022

Bev Kenyon-Coldridge joined Stanmore

January 2023

Elisa Jackson joined Stanmore

February 2023

Akinyemi Oredein joined Stanmore

February 2023

Iman Hamidipour joined Stanmore

May 2023

Charlotte Rowlands joined Stanmore

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June 2023

Sara Watson joined Stanmore

August 2023

Annmarie Stubbs joined Stanmore

September 2023

Ryan Peers joined Stanmore

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Jessica-Kate joined Stanmore

October 2023

Stanmore wins again at Aviva Broker Community Fund

Stanmore supports Orange Hub to secure funds from the Aviva Community fund. Receiving £10,000.