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Relative is an agency based in Bolton focused on digital and brand development. We opened our doors 10 years ago in June 2011. Our family-run agency has changed a lot in the course of the last decade. We have worked with many great clients and across an expansive list of sectors in that time. Most recently, we have been looking towards growth. We are fortunate to have a growing list of clients, so we have been developing our agency accordingly. Our agency growth is based on arming ourselves with digitally experienced staff that can help our list of clients join what has become the digital transformation revolution.

At Relative, we are experts in marketing strategy, brand development and digital communications. We have always, and still do, work within a range of sectors across the UK. Of all our clients, our partnership with Stanmore is one of our most important. Relative has been working as a creative partner with Stanmore for 5 years. We have created this very site, built the strategy and corresponding creative for the current brand, on worked on their internal and external communications.

As many of our clients may tell you, Relative is committed to not only a job well done, but ensuring our clients see value beyond our promised deliverables. That being said, the value we see ourselves providing is as follows:

Brand Marketing and Design Expertise

Relative has been at the leading edge of design for the past 10 years. We have a team of creative strategists, designers, copywriters, and creative directors who will successfully guide your design project based on best practices and results-driven recommendations.

Strategic Partnership

At Relative, we consider our client’s success to be our own. Because of this, we are motivated to ensure integral strategic support and direction over the course of the project. We enjoy collaboration and robust conversations about how best to approach our work, and we always ensure we invite our client teams to these discussions to ensure ongoing alignment and a fully considered approach. We will ensure we pursue solutions that will best propel their business forward and bring their brand to life.

Creative Driven

We are in the business of making sure our clients get noticed. Working together with our client team and internal marketing strategists, our goal is to create design that not only captures attention, but functions in the way it needs to, as a key asset for your business. Our creativity is never limited by our imagination, but guided by business objects and smart design.

Friendly & Transparent

At Relative, we are very close-knit, like a family (some of us are actually related). And we consider our clients part of that family. Because of this, we are fully transparent in everything we do. We seek to understand our client’s needs and deliver accordingly, advising and supporting them throughout the journey.

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