Tina Simpson

Account Handler

Greatest achievement at work?

My favourite moment was when a client returned to us after a couple of years away and was happy to come back to the support. He had had a claim while with one of our competitors and hadn’t gotten the same level of service and support he would have gotten with Stanmore. We were both delighted he came back to us.

Your favourite bit of your job?

I enjoy chatting with the clients and the variety of people we talk to on a daily basis. I enjoy the challenge of finding a solution which fits best for the client. We have a lovely team and I enjoy working together.

Why do you enjoying working at a local community broker in Little Lever?

I like how people in the local area (mainly on the school run) when asking where I work, know straight away where I am talking about.  I like the community feel as whole especially as I live in Little Lever too.